Corporate Social Responsibility

As an active member of the rapidly evolving Indian Pharma industry, we are firmly committed to offer HIGH QUALITY MEDICINES AT MOST AFFORDABLE PRICE to the millions of the people of our country

Since 1981, when we started our journey at UNISON PHARMACEUTICALS, it has been our constant endeavor to lessen the burden of high cost of medicines on the society. Today we have diversified in the major segments of healthcare such as Cardiovasculars, Antidiabetics, Lipid lowering agents, Antiulcerents, Antiallergics, Pain management & others with High Quality & Most Affordable Medicines

We are very proud to have maintained highest ethical standards in everything from Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing, Human Resource Development & Employee Welfare


We are firmly committed to pursue our Corporate Social Responsibility in years to come by offering more & more Quality Medicines in different therapeutic segments at most affordable price & maintain very high ethical standards.

Research devlopment

About Unison

Unison Pharmaceuticals Private Limited (Formerly known as Unison Pharmaceuticals) was established in 1981 with a vision of providing quality & most affordable medicines across the nation.